The Lagavulin Distillary presents Nick Offerman’s “Yule Log”

Do you have a fireplace? You do?? How marvelous! Well, it’s that time of year again when you must make your way outside into the barren snow filled wasteland known as WINTER! Have you chopped down your yearly yule tide tree? Have you strategically hung mistletoe around your humble abode? Have you shot two partridges in a pear tree? Good. Bully for you, old chap! However, this year’s festivities are made a little more jolly but in a manly smoldering kind of way. You see, below this passage of dialogue, is a masterful work of art known as a “yule log”. A yule log is a particular piece of wood that you use to burn in your fireplace for Christmas…or whatever winter holiday you choose or choose not to celebrate. But this year’s yule log is special. Because this year the Lagavulin Distillery (who is probably the single greatest whiskey maker in the world), has released a yule log starring actor/comedian/woodworker Nick Offerman. What does he do in this said yule log? Well, he drinks Lagavulin of course, while staring deep into the dark recesses of your soul and listening to the soothing sounds of a holiday fire that burns so hot it’s heat is second only to the soft glowing joy that Lagavulin brews within one’s stomach. So, remember that fireplace I asked you about? Why don’t you give it the night off. Or the whole month of December. Tune this yule log into that idiot box you have sitting in your living room and enjoy the sweet sensations of the holiday season roll over you like a wave of gingerbread and pine trees.

Fire and whiskey not included. Drink responsibly.