Doctor Who Season Finale review: Hell Bent



Season 9. Episode 12: Hell Bent

Plot: Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself.


Now that is how you end a season of Doctor Who! The Doctor returns to Gallifrey in the most badass fashion! Instead of waging all out war like we were led to believe last week, The Doctor silently takes all ruling power and becomes the High President of Gallifrey! So that now makes two worlds that he is president of! The episode was broken into three acts. The first act has The Doctor taking control of Gallifrey and the Time Lords. The second act sees The Doctor trying to save Clara. Only to stumble into the third act where the duo must deal with the consequence’s of their actions.


The Doctor With No Name.

I love the fact that instead of focusing on the discovery of Gallifrey, show runner Steven Moffat instead decided to focus on the relationship between The Doctor and Clara. Also, It was great seeing her again! This entire episode was about The Doctor saying goodbye to his best friend. Only for the episode to end in a climatic twist that is very similar to the season four departure of Donna Noble. Except, Clara’s goodbye is the same storyline but twisted into a much different ending.


We return to the barn!

I don’t even know what to write…other than it was an amazing episode. I love the music and hearing The Doctor play Clara’s theme song on the guitar almost made me weep. I loved seeing The Doctor return to the barn from The Day of The Doctor. Having Maisie Williams return is also a treat. I loved seeing this incarnation of her character. She sits at the end of the universe with a chessboard, waiting for The Doctor. Keep in mind, that she doesn’t time travel, she lives life at the same pace that everyone else does. Which means that she is now older than The Doctor. This is the first time that we see her with more wisdom than the main hero. She has now, in many ways, surpassed The Doctor. Interestingly enough, she was written in a way that had me assuming that she would be the main villain of the season. At the very least, the main storyline throughout this year seemed to revolve around her. But in actuality, the main storyline of the season was the relationship between The Doctor and Clara, which brings me to my next point:


The 12th Doctor is the rockstar Doctor.

Each season of Doctor Who focuses on The Doctor’s relationship to his companion while a giant story arc unfolds throughout the year. However, this season, the giant story arc that unfolds IS the relationship between The Doctor and his companion. It was a great moment when The Doctor and Clara both realize how bad they are for each other. I must also point out that ever since Clara was introduced to the show, she has been portrayed as slowly becoming more and more like The Doctor. Well in the end, she was very much like The Doctor. So much so, that I would love for her to get a spin off. Clara now has her own TARDIS and with Lady Me as a companion that is a sure fire winner. I would much rather watch that instead of the proposed spin off that is currently in the works. But both Clara and Lady Me are written in ways where they could easily return to the show. Although, I feel that in order to keep the integrity of Clara’s storyline and her friendship with The Doctor, this has to be the last time we see her character…even if it is heartbreaking. But at least she’s not dead! Yet…


Me makes the end of the universe look good.

But my favorite part of this episode was the TARDIS. The original TARDIS. That was a blast watching The Doctor run around the original TARDIS interior in all of its glorious HD greatness! And finally the reveal, that the diner The Doctor and Clara meet in (which is the same one where the 11th Doctor meets his friends in Nevada) is actually a TARDIS! I didn’t see that one coming. But how Douglas Adams was that final shot? Of the Doctor’s TARDIS flying beside an American Diner in space! My only regret is that the episode is over. At least we have the Christmas special in a few weeks! The Husbands of River Song! I’ll see you next time fellow whovians!


Farewell Clara, you were the best.

Best Line: The Doctor: “Every story ever told really happened. Stories are where memories go when they’re forgotten.”

Final Rating: 10/10 Lemonades

This has been one hell of season! Steven Moffat started us off with a really dark storyline and it continued to get darker. However, in the end, it turned out to be one of the most loving storylines we have ever joined The Doctor on.