Welcome my friend.

Come, sit by my fire.

This is a place where we can talk about anything and everything that inspires us and/or ignites the embers of passion within our souls. And when I say anything and everything I mean it. We will be discussing films, tv shows, comic books, normal books, not so normal books, travel, events, podcasts, radio plays, theatre plays, science fiction, westerns, steampunk, rock climbing and more!  I also have friends who have their own sites and write some very interesting articles, so I may be posting links to some of their wonderful pages as well.

So come, relax and warm yourself around the fires of knowledge and burn your tongue on the quesadilla of life!

HeadshotBW2015 copy 2


MATTHEW JIMENEZ was part of a classified black ops military program which performed countless numbers of super top secret freaky experiments on him. This left him with an overbearing fear of commitment and the inability to die. Matthew is now laying low living as an actor and carpenter. He is the founder and head writer of CULTURE BURN. Matthew currently lives in San Antonio, Tx.




God Speed. Namaste. Vaya Con Dios. Yippiee Kay Yay!

And to bless this site, here is a picture of Eva Green actually smiling!

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